Fine Food for Fine People

Presenting Grace Veranda.

We have carefully opened up a patio offering the seasonal, fresh, farm to table cuisine you have come to know, just a little bit unbuttoned as it were. In this new age, where we are trying to reconnect with the world, we wanted to cook for our friends, our family, our neighbours in a calm and collected way.

We’ve missed you, welcome back!

Our outdoor dining hours will be Thursday-Saturday 5-11pm.
Reservation only. Please call 226-667-4822 to reserve.

Three course prix fixe menu. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated.

Grandma Grace was a character even in her own storytelling. Her world was always explained in colourful detail with fantastic words that existed to me only in her varied and particular lexicon. One of those words was a place called the veranda. This place, half in the realm of the public and half in private was the stage for her tales of mischief, drama, secrets, and of course hilarity. It was a place of calm and community, relaxation and celebration. It was a place to cool down, and linger over conversation with family, friends and neighbours.
It takes a sort of laid back confidence to display your inner life on an outdoor stage; to state, I am comfortable to extend my home to you. Welcome. Like a Zoom call from a celebrity’s living room it builds community and familiarity among us. We are not so different. We are in this together. There is less control outside, more chaos can swoop in and blow out a perfectly placed candle or disturb a creased napkin fold. However there is something undeniably romantic and spontaneous about the warm sun, the fresh breeze, and the unbuttoning of fine dining service.

Grace Pantry

Through Grace Pantry you can skip your trip to the grocery store and continue supporting local producers and small businesses in London and Ontario. Simply order our prepared meals, as well as locally produced food essentials, and receive your order directly at your front door or curbside pick up with zero contact delivery.

We will continue to adhere to highest standards of cleanliness and safety as outlined by Middlesex-London Health Unit. Your support is extremely important to us and in return we want to give you the peace of mind that we are taking every possible precaution to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

How it works. 

We contact our suppliers each week to find the freshest products available.  Then we compile update our website and open it up for orders on Saturday.  This is announced through an Instagram post so be sure to follow us at gracerestaurantlondon.  We accept orders until noon the following Wednesday then close the site until Saturday.  This give us time to prepare your order for Sunday.

Visit Grace Pantry to see what we are offering this week. $5 delivery across London.  Free curbside pick up. Minimum order of $30.

CLICK HERE to visit Grace Pantry

Other ways to help

The Grace crew is humbled by the support of our incredible community during this very difficult time. We have had so many heartfelt and lovely communications from the public. In response we have opened up a channel for purchasing gift cards below if anyone is in a position to do so. Chef Angie will be mailing out the gift cards from her house with no licking!

We certainly recognize that not everyone who may want to support us can afford it at this time. There are also lots of free ways to advocate for your restaurant community including leaving a review on TripAdvisor, Google, or other rating sites. You could also like and share social media content in support of the restaurant industry, or consider reaching out to your MPS and MPPS to provide more financial support for small businesses and small business workers affected by COVID-19. 

Thank you for doing what you can to keep our dream afloat.

Gift Cards

Due to the underlying technology differences gift cards for the restaurant and gift cards for Grace Pantry are separate.

The cards offered on this site are for restaurant dining when we are allowed to open again. The cards for Grace Pantry are available through the Grace Pantry web site.

Don’t have a PayPal account? Email us at or leave a phone message at 226-667-4822 and we will get back to you.

$25 Gift Certificates


$50 Gift Certificates


$100 Gift Certificates


Grace is… Delicious • Modern Canadian • Locally Focused • From Scratch • Hyper-Seasonal • Accessible • Welcoming • Food-as-Art • Food-as-Community • Ethical • Unpretentious • For Celebrations • For After Work • Beautiful, Fun, Demystified Wine • Curated Beer • Crafted Cocktails • London, Ontario’s Fine Dining Destination 

To be in the culture of food doesn’t just mean artistic play. We are making a statement about what food is and about the people that make it.” — Grace Restaurant London