house ricotta

toasted chilis, hubarb, radiccio, sweet olive oil, toast

trout rillettes

crisps, sweet pickled onion, hard egg, trout roe

soft boiled egg

brioche toast soldiers, duxelles, beet mayonnaise, celery root, radish

great northern bean paté

spring asparagus, jerusalem artichokes, extra virgin olive oil poached radish, roasted garlic, rosemary diablo


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carrot salad

carrots, hazelnuts, fresh horseradish  

cold fennel

fennel puree, confit clementine, celery, yogurt, mint, matcha, pumpernickle crouton

deviled aylmer shrimp

smoked tomato, sweet potato, cured egg yolk, mustard greens, poppy seeds

stonecroft farms pork belly

lap cheong sausage, sweet chilis, little gem lettuce, garlic chives, pickles

toasted semolina lamb cappelletti

confit pearl onions, broth, parsley wheatgrass jus, grand trunk cheese


wheat germ casarecce

lamb and beef ragu, soffrito, fresh sheep’s milk cheese, rosemary


red caramelized onion and beet ragout, lemon cream, black pepper, grand trunk cheese

maitake mushroom

swiss chard rondelles, beluga lentils, walnut, preserved lemon, nori, vegan demi-glace

grilled half chantecler chicken

sticky rice croquette, empura squash blossom, hot ginger jus, kaffir lime oil, coconut buttermilk, chilis

pan seared lake erie pickerel

black lentils, wild rice, red cabbage consomme, smoked dulse, lemon gel

bar five farms ribeye

fingerlings, sesame butter, leeks, brussel sprouts, miso soy jus

sous vide beverly creek lamb loin and braised shanks

confit baby sweet potato, shogun maitake mushroom, grated black radish, alfalfa


coconut lemongrass cream pie

coconut cream, lime curd, lemongrass whipped cream, white chocolate 

mont blanc

chiffon, cognac mousse, vanilla caramel, chestnut cream, cassis coulis

dark chocolate sugar beet cake

candied orange, chocolate ganache, cocoa nib, maple syrup

ontario cheeses

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