About Grace

The Name

Grace is not your average fine dining restaurant. Named after Grace Murphy, grandmother of Executive Chef Angie Murphy, Grace is a new kind of intentional restaurant that prioritizes not only beautiful, seasonal, local food but also community, social responsibility, and industry fairness.

“My Grandmother was a hospitable, kind, smart, and funny woman who loved to dance. Early morning in the kitchen was a sacred time for the two of us while my brother slept in and my grandfather was already out for the day. It was in that kitchen where she taught me to line dance, to do an Irish jig, and to poach, scramble, fry and boil an egg,” remembers Grace’s granddaughter Angela Murphy. “When I told Grace I was going to become a chef she told me, with her signature wit, that it was a great idea because the only people that always have a job are cooks and undertakers.”

Grace restaurant is inspired by this vivacious and incredible woman. She was the life of the party. She put everyone at ease. She was inclusive and understanding. She wanted to do things the right way. She passed her values down to her family; Help your community, be kind to your neighbours, support your friends, and do the absolute best with what you have.

The Building

Our home, 215 Dundas Street, is a gorgeous heritage building that is full of character. Known as the Duffield Block, it was built in 1871 and featured a 663-seat concert hall on the second floor. The building has been home to a variety of business and organizations, including the London Philharmonic, J. Gammage and Sons florists, a jeweller, an artist, a pharmacy, the Knights of Pythias, the Women’s Morning Music Club – and now – Grace!

The People

Our team of passionate professionals demonstrate an intense commitment to excellence in bringing farm fresh products to the table with sophistication. Informally informa­tive, should a guest wish to know more about the food at any time, Grace’s versatile combined service and kitchen staff make food culture easily accessible and never alienating.

Brought together by our love and passion for good food, good drink, and good friends, Grace is staffed with experienced, and established professionals including a highly skilled chef with a local reputation for excellence, a sommelier with extensive knowledge in fine service and a passion for curating incredible wines, a renowned pastry chef and baking teacher with connections to players in the current Canadian food scene, as well as a commitment to developing a thriving food community in London for his students. It is staffed with carefully selected cooks that will fit into the positive work culture, bring passion and enthusiasm to the project, and help to define the future of food culture in our city.