About Grace

Our Name

Grace Murphy

Grace is not your average fine dining restaurant. Named after Grace Murphy, grandmother of Executive Chef Angie Murphy, Grace is a new kind of intentional restaurant that prioritizes not only beautiful, seasonal, local food but also community, social responsibility, and industry fairness.

“My Grandmother was a hospitable, kind, smart, and funny woman who loved to dance. Early morning in the kitchen was a sacred time for the two of us while my brother slept in and my grandfather was already out for the day. It was in that kitchen where she taught me to line dance, to do an Irish jig, and to poach, scramble, fry and boil an egg,” remembers Grace’s granddaughter Angela Murphy. “When I told Grace I was going to become a chef she told me, with her signature wit, that it was a great idea because the only people that always have a job are cooks and undertakers.”

Grace restaurant is inspired by this vivacious and incredible woman. She was the life of the party. She put everyone at ease. She was inclusive and understanding. Grace wanted to do things the right way. She passed her values down to her family; Help your community, be kind to your neighbours, support your friends, and do the absolute best with what you have.

Our Culture

Grace should be socially responsible to the community it does business in.

Grace strives for a restaurant culture that is mutually beneficial for owners, staff, guests and the community. This means Grace will:

  • Support our local farmers with our Farm-to-Table approach
  • Support local food culture through education
  • Participate in charitable events
  • Participate in the local economy by supporting local small business
  • Follow sustainable food practices
  • Be environmentally conscious
  • Be kind, patient and supporting of employees
  • Support Secondary and Post-secondary education through job placements and Co-ops, with specific and varied learning objectives